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22 karat gold bangle
22 karat gold bangle 22 karat gold bangle 22 karat gold bangle

A contemporary golden bangle design for women by Devi Jewellers. The Golden Sculpture bangle is a 4 piece 22 karat golden accessory that is traditional and tastefully detailed giving it a sense of style born of modern design and trends. A  piece is designed for the present day woman who is both fashion conscious and tends towards western fashion trends.

The Golden Sculpture is a detailed masterpiece in filigreed 22 karat gold. A gold accessory that reflects on feminine strength and traditionally inspired modern design. The perfect circle of gold is symmetrically crafted with a sculpted motif which enhances its design value.

The Golden Sculpture bangle is the ideal arm adornment for the mature and forward thinking modern woman, looking for an investment worth its weight in gold. Elegant and eye-catching in its simplicity, it is a must-have jewellery piece that is versatile in wear.


Yellow Gold | 22.00k | 71.14g