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22 karat gold bangle
22 karat gold bangle 22 karat gold bangle 22 karat gold bangle

A golden bangle by Devi Jewellers made for the modern woman. The Golden Spindle is a 22 karat bangle that is a contemporary piece in line with the latest designs in current international jewellery trends.

Simple, yet striking. The Devi Golden Spindle bangle is a unique and distinctive masterpiece of symmetrical design crafted in textured gold reflecting cutting edge workmanship and skillful artistry. Threads of delicate gold studded with Swarovski Zirconia crystals flow in simple loops around your wrist.

Elegant and stunning. This 22 karat gold bangle by Devi is a contemporary piece perfect for both day and evening wear. A feminine, fashionable modern masterpiece of golden craftsmanship and artistry.  


Yellow Gold | 22.00k | 66.75g