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22 karat gold chain
22 karat gold chain 22 karat gold chain 22 karat gold chain

An ornate heritage design crafted by Devi Jewellers for the bold. The Double Twist chain is crafted in 22 karat gold for the modern woman with a preference for ornamented modern designs.  A golden statement piece that is both feminine and powerful in its creation.

The bi-coloured Double Twist chain necklace of yellow and white is made of two ropes of 22 karat gold, each comprising of hundreds of fine chain links. The two ropes are then wound together, creating a pleasant contrast of colour throughout the piece.

A modern and exquisite golden piece. An accessory that is versatile in wear, whether western or eastern attire. Easy to pair, whether day or night.


Yellow Gold | 22.00k | 19.18g