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22 karat gold chain
22 karat gold chain 22 karat gold chain 22 karat gold chain

A captivating chain design made for men, only by Devi Jewellers. The Golden Hook chain is a modern and bold design that celebrates the strength and beauty of 22 karat gold.

True to its name, this men’s chain has been crafted in such a way that captures the same hue and vibrance of liquid gold. A Devi chain design that is attractive regardless changing trends. Crafted of individual long cylindrical beads with geometrical cuts for the links, the piece is unique in its design.

A golden accessory for the bold. A piece that will captivate every heart in the room and make the wearer shine and dazzle. Versatile in wear and made for everyday wear. 


Yellow Gold | 22.00k | 46.21g