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22 karat gold chain
22 karat gold chain 22 karat gold chain 22 karat gold chain

An exotic and ornate heritage design crafted by Devi Jewellers. The Penelope chain necklace is a dazzling and beautiful work of art in 22 karat gold.  A golden necklace that is the captures the essence of intricate detail and skilful craftsmanship, in hand with the latest ethnic inspired jewellery trends.

The Penelope piece is made a combination of individual white pearls and gold beads threaded together to form the length of chain. The length is unexpectedly interspersed with pearls encased in a cocoon of gold thread, adding to the design value of the piece.

A dainty and exquisite golden long chain design made for the cultured woman with a preference for simple accessories. Versatile in wear and a sure fire favourite for everyday use.


Yellow Gold | 22.00k | 21.55g