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Gold Ring
Gold Ring Gold Ring Gold Ring

The Ran Hastha Men’s Ring by Devi Jewellerers is a powerful and stunning fashion statement in masculinity. Bold and striking in its design and craftsmanship it is a one of a kind golden jewellery accessory to adorn a gentleman’s hand. A versatile piece that reflects the personality and passion of a man.

The Ran Hastha ring is crafted in flawless 22 karat golden splendor. The intricately patterned 22 karat gold bands culminate in the artfully sculptured golden elephant, in a textured and rhythmic geometrical inspired frame. The age-old revered symbol of the elephant represents, wisdom, power and strength. As such, the man who adorns this beautiful ring is emboldened and reflects these divine characteristics.


Yellow Gold | 22.00k | 8.68g