How to maintain your gold jewellery?

January 10, 2019

Buying your favorite gold jewellery from Devi is the easy part. Let’s come to the difficult part of it, the maintenance. Taking care of your gold trousseau is not easy as it requires constant care and attention. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Here are a few simple yet effective ways to take care of your most treasured gold chest.

Five easy steps to maintain your gold jewellery – 

Regular cleaning

Just like our body, our jewellery needs to be kept clean as well. Everyday wear and tear can dull the finish of your jewellery and fills it with dust and grime. Don’t sweat, this is normal. Gentle cleaning of your jewellery keeps it new and squeaky clean. Use a soft cloth and a bit of mild soap to wipe away the dirt.

Stay away from chlorine

Gold as a metal is sensitive to various chemicals. One of the most dangerous is chlorine. When your gold jewellery is run through chlorine or exposed to it, the gold becomes weaker and eventually breaks off. Make sure you keep your gold away from swimming pool etc.

Don’t play rough

Gold is a gentle metal by nature. It needs utmost care and love to maintain it as good as new on a daily basis. Your everyday wear such as chains, rings etc are vulnerable and prone to breakage and wear & tear. To keep your gold jewellery shining and new, remove them when you do activities such as Swimming, playing in the sand, cleaning or any adventure sports. This will keep your jewellery sparkly new.

Store it to flaunt it

Proper storage of your gold jewellery is essential for its long life. Make sure two jewellery don’t rub against each other. Wrap each one in a soft/velvet cloth separately.

Keep away

Keep your gold jewellery away from substances such as perfume, lotions, make-up, creams etc. The chemicals in these products can affect the shine and luster of your gold jewellery. Make sure you wear your gold jewellery after you put on your make-up and other personal care stuff.

So, there you go! These steps are simple but most effective to keep your gold jewellery clean and shiny as new. Should you have any clarifications on your jewellery bought from Devi,
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We wish your jewellery brings a lot of luck, love and light into your lives.