Our History and Heritage

A journey through time...


A young maverick, an entrepreneur with a vision, N. Seenivasagam founds Devi Jewellers, at the young age of 18 on the principles he lived by; Integrity, Ethical conduct and Transparency. Devi Jewellers a pioneer in its time commenced operations in humble beginnings; a 100 square-foot showroom located on Sea Street, Pettah; a popular hub of trade in bygone Ceylon. In the early years the fledgling company was in the business of wholesale and retail trade.


Devi Jewellers expands and diversifies its existing wholesale and retail business by venturing into the sphere of jewellery manufacturing, thereby substantially increasing its product portfolio and responding to increasing customer needs. During this period the founder and chairman’s brother Mr. Thiagaraj Sivakumar joined the family business.


A tumultuous period in Sri Lanka’s history due to a raging civil war and the subsequent economic fallout. Staying true to the company’s founding philosophy to stand undeterred in the face of challenges the company decides to take a bold step forward and venture into larger territory. Devi Jewellers scales up their business activities.


Devi Jewellers comprising of a loyal staff of 5 persons moved from its humble abode to a spacious two-story establishment that catered to the burgeoning requirements of a demanding and fickle jewellery industry. A further development that led to the opportunity to thrive in this lean environment was the joining of Mr. N. Seenivasagam’s eldest son Mr. Ramesh Khanth Seenivasagam, which opened up new avenues in the manufacturing arm of the business.


A further value-addition to the business, Mr. Rathis Kanth Seenivasagam, the youngest son joins the ranks of the family business. His infusion of innovative ideas helped to cast the business into the future.


The nephew of the founder of Devi Jewelers Mr. Sri Kishanthan Sivakumar joins the business. The Company was made strong and resilient with the infusion of young blood, innovative ideas and a hand that steered it into a new decade.

A Seven story complex of magnificent stature outfitted with state of the art technology for a company in the business of Jewellery has come into being. An iconic landmark on Sea Street, a street renowned and reputed for its thriving gold market. The building boasts a studio, a craft shop and a showroom to support its manufacturing and retail division. At this period in time the staff has burgeoned to 400 experienced, loyal and dedicated employees.

Seenivasagam Nallapan

Chairman & Founder

Thiagaraj Sivakumar

Director Finance Operations

Ramesh Khanth Seenivasagam

Director Manufacturing

Rathis Kanth Seenivasagam

Director Retail

Sri Kishanthan Sivakumar

Director Wholesale

Our Expertise

The Jewellery industry is dynamic as it is fast growing. Currently consequential changes are under way, both in consumer behaviour as well as in the industry itself. 50 years of being a jeweller to the people of our island nation has resulted in time-tested expertise in the jewellery industry. Half a century immersed in the gold trade has given us the distinct advantage in identifying, anticipating and capitalizing on the industries unfolding trends. Companies that have the expertise to respond effectively and expeditiously to the rapidly unfolding trends will shine brighter and dazzle above the rest. We have “First Move Advantage” across the sectors of manufacturing, wholesale and retail markets.

From the intricate designs that grace our showrooms to the manner in which we pamper you, our customers’ we are continuously striving to strengthen and differentiate our brand through unique, distinctive designs and service excellence.

Devi Jewellers is a highly dynamic, truly globalized, intensely competitive, value driven company.

Our Showroom and Studio

It is a fact that most customers prefer to buy high-end items from brick-and-mortar stores, which are perceived as more reliable and provide the opportunity to touch and feel the merchandise. This is a crucial factor in a high-involvement category such as jewellery driven by sensory experience. Our spacious showroom is designed with the idea of a unique shopping experience, showcasing the spellbinding beauty and breathe of the Devi product range.

The studio is decked out in state of the art technology and all equipment and space required that allows for the artisans and craftsmen to give of their best, and create masterpieces of jewellery.

From a small cluster of 5 loyal employees we have risen and expanded to a stellar staff of 400 persons a testament to our resilience in a highly competitive industry and our ambition and drive to be a strong national brand in Sri Lanka.