Corporate Memorabilia

Say it with Gold!

In the world of business, successful ventures, loyal staff, exemplary performance and targets achieved, are milestones that call out for a “Job Well Done!” “Say it with Gold!” Celebrate and memorialize the depth of your appreciation by gifting a symbolic token from the Devi Jeweler’s Corporate Gift Selection.

We have a vast array of attractive and affordable memorabilia to choose from. Be it engraving on a plaque, a gold coin or pin, a uniquely designed pen beautifully embossed in gold, or a book encrusted with precious stones. The choice is yours. Our in-house designers are at your service to provide you with a unique and customized gift that reflects your sentiments.

Bespoke Service

For our customers who are interested in creating something very personal and “One of a kind”, we are proud to offer you a stunning and successful Bespoke service that spans over a period of ten years.

We provide you with the opportunity to be involved in every step of the creation of a completely unique piece of jewellery that is from discussing initial ideas, a concept through to creating your final piece. Our dedicated bespoke team will be on hand to personally assist you throughout the process.

Our portfolio of Bespoke design and commission service for weddings and other such momentous occasions are proof of dreams becoming a reality.

Devi Forex

At Devi Jewellers, our aim is to make your shopping experience a memorable and pleasant one. Our customer’s convenience, ease and overall experience is paramount when purchasing precious items of jewellery which our life time investments.

Devi Jewellers strives to be a unique and different brand of jeweler. The Devi Forex unit is an authorized money exchanger which has been serving our customers over a span of many years providing a convenient and hassle free purchasing option. All international currencies can be exchanged at the daily rate. Yet another step in surpassing customer satisfaction, expectations and service excellence.

Please call our Devi Forex Hotline No. 011-2388960 or 011-2388757 for more details.