The Joy of Giving

September 11, 2019

Every human has a moral duty to satisfy and there is nothing more empowering than contributing to improve the lives of others. The fulfilment is indisputable when you put a foot forward to help the unfortunate and deliver true compassion.

Devi celebrated the joy of giving on the 6th of September, 2019, by lending some support to the cancer patients of Apeksha hospital, also known as the cancer hospital in Maharagama. It is the leading hospital under the Ministry of Health, dedicated to the diagnosis and follow-up treatment of cancer patients.

We provided the hospital with very important medicines that are usually not available at a government facility. We also supplied them with some bedsheets, biscuits, towels etc.

We are proud to say that every single one of our staff shined as a ray of hope to the fighters by volunteering to donate a sum of money, which was then doubled by the company for the CSR activity.

Our hearts were warmed at this gentle gesture and we look forward to more such events for it is in giving that we receive!